“I always knew there was something wrong with me…

While it’s not a question of wrong or right, you may connect with this statement. Ever since I was a teenager and perhaps even before that, I always knew that I was different – I was not the same as other kids my age. I felt I didn’t belong. This drove me to seek company of the type that I thought I was – people on the fringes of society. I had friends who also thought they were ‘different’. The difference in them though was the fact that they enjoyed rebelling and going against everything they were told to do or not do.I was happy to join them.It was fun. It was ‘being different’.

Being different was no longer something that I feared or tried to run away from. It was something I was now proud of! You may not have felt these things – perhaps you did mostly well and also had so called normal friends. Still, you might have felt like you didn’t belong

Everyone is ‘Different’

Borderline Personality Disorder is a disorder that rears its head sometime around teenage. If you get the help and support that you need at that time then you are lucky. But most often in India a child that rebels is very rarely considered as someone who needs help. They are looked at as rebels and difficult teens. It’s when they grow older and start to dig into the things they think, feel, and do, that they begin to question and start looking for answers.

Let me tell you, the answers are there out there. But you need to take the effort to look and you need to stay objective. Don’t criticize, belittle or give yourself hell for being different. Each human being is different and so are you. You just need to find out in what ways you are different and how to manage your thoughts, behaviours and your life.

It’s like managing Diabetes. It’s there. You know it’s there and you treat it and make a few lifestyle changes and sure, you can live a happy life. So, don’t look at  yourself as an alien and don’t try to ‘fit in’ either. Just accept who you are and understand how you function and why you react to things the way you do. Understanding and acceptance are the first few steps you can take towards building a happy and peaceful life.

Yes, it is possible.


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