How to Forget about the Past

For many years I lived a depressed life. Everyday I had spiraling thoughts in my mind about events from my past. These thoughts brought me shame, despair and a belief that I am a bad person. But I worked on this and found ways to bury the past.

You are still growing – things are still changing

Whatever age we may be at,  we are still growing. Not all of us are at a point where we can say – yes, this is what and who I am. If you are, great. If not – good, because it means you still have lots to experience and a lot of it could be good stuff. Not always do bad things happen to us. If there is a low, there is also a high. So be happy and hopeful; don’t give up just yet… good things are on their way!

Watch your thoughts

Often we think without realizing what we are thinking. Even if we are not very aware of what is going on in our minds, it affects us. So become conscious of what is going on in your mind. Don’t allow thoughts to just breeze in and out without your permission. Allow only yourself to have the key to your mind. When you become aware of a negative thought or memory coming up, consciously stop the thought. Divert your mind with another thought. Do something physical that requires your mental energy as well – even if it’s something a simple as cleaning out a drawer in your cupboard. I have practiced this and have come to the conclusion that not only does this tactic work, it also makes us more aware of our thought processes.

Don’t crucify yourself

You may have done something in your past that you are not proud of. Believe me – you are not alone. Everyone has, at some point or the other, done something that causes them shame. Don’t crucify yourself. Sit down, take five minutes to think about what you did, then forgive yourself and make a firm decision to never ever think about it again. If you need a stronger technique – write down your thoughts on a piece of paper, forgive yourself and then burn that paper to ashes. That event, that thought is now cremated and gone. Do not allow it to resurrect!

Don’t look back – look forward

There is a reason our eyes are in the front of our heads and not in the back – we are expected to look forward. Why then do we keep letting the past return – like an old depressing movie that never ends. Think back in time and remember something good that happened to you, however small – there must be something you did that brought you happiness and pride. Now ask yourself, if it could happen then, why not now? There is every possibility of small mercies, small victories that will make you happy. Your own past proves that! So, look ahead to a better life and expect good things to happen. They will. You know why – Because good things do happen.

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