Fear of seeking Psychiatric help

When you think of Psychiatrists it probably scares you into thinking a defensive thought: “Nothing is wrong with me”. You may feel afraid or even terrified by all that you know (however limited the information) about psychology and psychiatrists. You may feel like you are weak or even embarrassed that you need to go to a psychiatrist. But let me tell you, there is nothing to be afraid of. Psychiatrists are not mind readers or magicians. They cannot hypnotize you or make you do anything you don’t want to do. They are just doctors. When you have a physical illness you may go to a general practitioner. When you have a mental illness you go to a psychiatrist – nothing more, nothing less.

Identifying your Fears

What exactly are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being forced to give out your secrets? Are you afraid of being controlled? Or are you afraid that they will put you on heavy drugs or even admit you in a hospital. Your psychiatrist will not force you to divulge any information that you don’t want to give out. Also, no one can control you – ask yourself why someone would want to control or manipulate you and what will they get from this? They don’t even know you. Identify your fear and try to reason with yourself. If you can, talk to someone about it. You can even openly talk to your psychiatrist about your fears and believe me you will feel relieved and calm. Don’t live in a negative fantasy – face the positive facts. A psychiatrist can help you deal with many problems and help you live a happier and fuller life. Embrace this option!

What a session with a Psychiatrist is like

Like any doctor, a psychiatrist will ask you questions: “How are you feeling?”; “Since how long have you been feeling this way?” and so on. There is nothing to be scared of. You will just be talking to the doctor. He or she will ask you questions and you will answer them – a conversation / dialogue, like any other. He will not make you uncomfortable – in fact, he will try his best to make you feel comfortable. Trust your doctor and go with the flow. You may cry or experience various kinds of emotions while talking about yourself or your life and that’s perfectly okay. Sharing your story takes a lot of courage, which can feel emotionally exhausting, especially if you’ve not expressed how you feel for a long time. But after you speak, you will feel an enormous amount of relief. Your psychiatrist will not judge you – he is there to listen to you and to help you.

After he talks to you, he may or may not prescribe some medication for you. You are free to ask questions – about the medication or about anything else. Tell the doctor about your concerns or worries. Speak openly and remember the doctor wants you to get better, so he will help you to understand whatever you want to.

The Fear of what People think about Psychiatrists

You may have the fear that people will think you have “gone mad”. It doesn’t matter what people think. You have to deal with your own problems – ‘people’ are not going to come and rescue you. Also ask yourself whether these people matter to you. Most probably, they don’t. Let me assure you, if people had a problem with their minds they too would have gone to a psychiatrist. All of us have to find solutions to our own problems. Also, people who discuss other people’s business are weak and do not have interesting lives of their own – so forget about them. Go forward and fix an appointment with a psychiatrist and believe me, you will only feel relief and like you have taken a positive step towards handling your problems and your life.

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