Handling Depression – thoughts from a Winner

This post is written by Al Rodrigues who has battled depression and come out a winner.

Depression – a word that evokes feelings of helplessness, desertion, uncertainty, confusion, and fear in one’s mind.It’s associated with suicidal thoughts and fear of the unknown. However, it is not uncommon to be depressed as it is something everyone goes through at some point in their lives. Its a feeling that can be rectified and with proper guidance and counseling under a well-trained counselor or psychologist most people get back on their feet to a feeling of normalcy.

It is also important that one should be consistent with taking their medication. Depression can be caused due to some trauma or some incident or even hormonal and chemical changes in the brain and body. It can make you feel mentally paralysed. In order to combat this grave mental problem it is vital that one gets support from their near and dear ones. this support can go a long way in re-establishing normalcy.Everyone needs affection, love and care to survive and also a great amount of patience because the victim can feel and behave detached and aloof.

The phrase “I care” when actually put into practice goes a long way to helping toward recovery. Because a feeling of acceptance is very important. At this stage a person is vulnerable and prone to mixed emotions such as feeling unwanted and unloved by everyone around them. What they dont realize is that they are still an asset than a liability – an asset because they can still learn to channelise their energies towards something positive and constructive which can bring out their creative side to explore the best they can be. true kindness and concern can help towards this goal.

So its important that no matter what – Don’t give up on yourself or your medication and therapy, as depression is not the end of the world. You are not a victim… you are a WINNER!

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