About Mikel


I was born and lived most of my life in Mumbai. I have worked as a Soft Skills and Behavioral Trainer and have trained employees of companies like IBM, Franklin Templeton, Bank of America to name a few.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and have lived with it since I was in my teens. I only got diagnosed at 23! And boy was it a relief! Mental health in India is largely ignored by the general public, and those that do come out and say that they have any given disorder are treated like ‘psychos’. Living in a fast city like Mumbai, you’d expect people to be a little more open and understanding toward mental illness, but the truth is they’re not. Its all a hush-hush business and is mostly shoved under the carpet.

I decided to write this blog with the aim to reach out to those people that have BPD or any other mental illness and to let them know they are not alone. Another reason for writing is to openly discuss and let those that have BPD and the people in their lives, learn and understand more about it. Largely, this site is meant to shed light on mental health, particularly Borderline Personality Disorder, and share ways to deal with and manage it for a better life all round. I hope to help, support and empower…

Yes! There is Hope!